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Last night the Rwanda National Police arrested the thieves who wanted to steal and shot one of them to death who opposed the arrest. One of the remaining thieves was caught alive, one else fled and another one was seriously injured by bullets.

The National Police has the duty to arrest the thieves before committing the robbery
The National Police has the duty to arrest the thieves before committing the robber

The Police spokesperson in the South Province, Chief Superintendent Hubert Gashagaza, told the UM– USEKE reporter that the shot thief wanted to fire upon the Policemen and he was shot first.

The four thieves were under investigation from the Police and were known to be among the notorious thieves in the Muhanga city, Police said.

Local dwellers informed the Police that the band of the four thieves has planned to steal in the Murambi neighborhood, nearby the Oil station called Kobil around the road that heads to RIAM.

According to witnesses, the thieved wanted also to steal in the Muhanga town afterwards.

The National Police was prepared to arrest the band but one of the band members wanted to shoot the Police but he was shot first and died.

The arrested one in jailed at Muhanga Police station but was not shown to the UM– USEKE reporter due to procedures it requires.

The body of the died one was brought to the Kabgayi hospital alongside the wounded one.

The Spokesperson of the Police in South Province, Chief Superintendent Hubert Gashagaza said that the weapon used by the died thief was also caught by the Police.

The Police said that it is conducting further investigations as to know and neutralize the thieves’ network  operating Muhanga city.