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The Rwandan Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye told the Senate the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) is set to start operating in the coming three weeks.

Minister Busingye was in the Parliament (Senate) to provide the Senators with clear explanations on some judicial issues concerning people who, sometimes, allegedly get jailed illegally or spend more time without undergoing required prosecution procedures.

As a means of eradicating these issues Minister Busingye stated that there are some technological measures made available to all Police stations.

These include the IECMS (Integrated Electronic Case Management System) that embodies all juridical bodies in a bid of creating a common platform to share required information on the cases related to suspects in custody.

The system works as a final means of assessing the crime from the suspect before providing the detective with the adequate results on the issue.

Minister Busingye said that the IECMS is ready to get started as all Police stations are currently equipped with electricity and enough computers are available for this system to work.

He informed that this system has to be put in place and work properly before the RIB starts its operations in the coming three weeks.

The Law establishing the RIB(2017) mandates it to avert illegal activities intended to destabilize the national security.

The Bureau has the legal obligation to put hands on all people (Rwandan citizens or foreigners) suspected of having plans of committing crimes on the Rwandan soil.