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The two singers The Ben and Meddy who left Rwanda for four passed years, are now in a wait of 30 months before acquiring the USA citizenship, they told Umuseke. Normally, it takes between four to five years to someone living in USA before being legally given the US citizenship.

The Ben and Meddy were the most cherished artists in five years ago
The Ben and Meddy were the most cherished artists in five years ago

For those Rwandan born R&B singers, it remains five months and some days before accomplishing required time for any resident in USA.

Both singers reached the USA soil in 2010 while they were attending a concert and decided to remain there until now.

Even though they live in USA, they can’t hold open concerts at their will due to the lack of legal documents.

News says that Meddy can hold such concerts in different areas out of the USA as he has required papers but his college cannot.

Recently The Ben told Umuseke that he resumed his studies funded by his own earnings.

Meddy survives through different concerts he holds in different cities of Europe such Brussels.

Even though the singers were rumored to come to Rwanda and hold concerts, the actual situation cannot help them to return back in USA and would be, accordingly, remain in Rwanda.



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    Never give up!!

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