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In the ongoing Airtel Rwanda ‘14 days of love’ campaign, Nyirahabimana Providence a single mother from Kimihurura, Kamukina Cell in Gasabo district, is the latest beneficiary.

Airtel staff members with Nyirahabimana Providence and her daughter.
Airtel staff members with Nyirahabimana Providence and her daughter.

Nyirahabimana Providence an unemployed single mother of a four year old disabled daughter has been getting help from friends, neighbors and the Women Foundation Ministries, an organization that empowers women and where she is a member.

When Providence found out about her daughter’s disability, she stopped working and opted to stay home and take care of her. Pastor Liz Bitorwa, a representative of the Women Foundation Ministries said that Providence is a loving mother to her daughter and even though she has been unemployed, she has managed to love and take care of her daughter.

Through its 14 Days of Love campaign, Airtel Rwanda came to the aid of Nyirahabimana Providence and her daughter.

Airtel donated to her RWF 600,000 that will be used to help Providence start a business, acquire a wheel chair for her daughter and improve their wellbeing.

A shocked Providence who was unaware until the Airtel staff members showed up at her place said; “This is a complete shock to me and I can’t believe how lucky I am. I thank Airtel for having come to our aid. I have been struggling with how to take care of the two of us but with this new lease of life, I will now manage to give my daughter a better life.”

“The story of Providence is specially touching. We hope that with the donation we have made, she will now be able to make her life and her daughter’s more comfortable. The 14 Days of Love campaign will continue to benefit the people, community or organizations that were chosen by Airtel Rwanda staff.” said Airtel Rwanda’s Managing Director, Mr. Michael Adjei.

The 14 days of love campaign was launched by Airtel Rwanda to reach out to individuals, organizations and communities that help in ensuring the wellbeing of Rwandans.

Through its 14 days of love campaign, Airtel is donating needed materials and resources to these individuals and organizations so as they can be able to boost their activities.




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