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Will The Democrats Be Able To Reverse The Online Gambling Ban

These eight shots crystallize the hard work moms put into keeping their kids alive, happy, and healthy. They might give you the inspiration you need

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Billie Eilish Just Landed Her First High Fashion Campaign

If you’ve been waiting for an invitation, this calligraphy is it. Commissioned by Facebook, this is a hand-lettered design for a poster. Quote is Facebook


Baby girl becomes first born after womb transplant from deceased donor

A woman born without a uterus has become the first person to give birth to a live baby thanks to a womb transplanted from a deceased donor. The baby


Surgeons in Australia separate conjoined girls from Bhutan

Conjoined twins from Bhutan were separated at an Australian hospital Friday in a delicate operation that divided their shared liver and reconstructed their abdomens. The


More than 800 million people in the world are hungry-FAO

The number of hungry people in the world has increased to 821 million, according to the latest report on state of food security and nutrition in


Air pollution may harm cognitive intelligence, study says

Chronic exposure to air pollution can cause harm to cognitive performance, a new study reveals. Researchers believe that the negative impact increases with age, and


Ngoma: Unusual mosquitoes are causing bitter injuries to locals

These harmful insects invaded people living in Jarama Sector, in Ngoma district, Eastern Province. They bitterly bite locals during the daylight and cause seriously skin


Man held in Kenya for ‘killing 1,000 cats’

A man in Kenya has admitted to killing more than 1,000 cats since 2012, and selling their meat to samosa-makers, local media reports. Angry residents


Drinking four cups of coffee a day could help the heart grow stronger

Pensioners should drink four cups of coffee a day to protect and repair their heart muscle, research suggests. Levels of caffeine, equivalent to drinking four


Why that potbelly is more dangerous than obesity

People with a “normal” weight but extra pounds around the middle may have lower long-term survival odds than individuals who are obese, a U.S. study