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Science & Tech

Old Fashioned Recipe For Preventing Allergies And Chemical Sensitivities

Moms are the ones who bandage our boo-boos when we’re little and continue to take care of us as we get older—often sacrificing their own

Science & Tech

Rare black leopard caught on camera for first time in 100 years

A photographer has captured high-quality images of a rare black leopard at a wilderness camp in Africa. Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas wrote in a blog post published Wednesday that

Science & Tech

Service dog accompanies late president Bush on final farewell

A US president is believed to have said the easiest way to find a friend in Washington was to get a dog. On Monday, George

BREAKING NEWS Science & Tech

Kigali Innovation city set to lead Rwanda and Africa’s digital transformation

Rwanda’s Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente says the Kigali Innovation City (KIC) is set to have a Pan-African development impact both in terms of economic and

BREAKING NEWS Science & Tech

Samsung unveils foldable phone as it tries to regain edge on Apple

Samsung has unveiled its much-anticipated foldable phone and urged Android developers to start writing apps for the new device. The South Korean tech company needs to perfect

Science & Tech

Huge underwater volcano chain discovered off the coast of Tasmania

While mapping the seafloor some 250 miles off the coast of the Australian island of Tasmania, scientists recently discovered what’s being called a “volcanic lost world” deep

Science & Tech

ITU aims to connect nearly 4b unconnected people to internet

The twentieth edition of International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-18) opened in Dubai on Monday with a global call for the world to “act

BREAKING NEWS Science & Tech

Stephen Hawking’s final theory on black holes has been published

Professor Stephen Hawking dedicated much of his career to unravelling the mysteries of black holes, and now the final chapter of his research on the “information paradox”

Science & Tech

Meet the roboprofessor

Bina48 became the first robot to co-teach a university class when she helped lead a course at West Point, the U.S. Military academy, according to Axios.

Science & Tech

World’s longest sea bridge to open … but only to drivers with a special permit

The world’s longest sea bridge is set to open this week, linking the cities of Hong Kong and Macau to the Chinese mainland as part of a