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Funny stuffs

Different cultures have different funny things .But despite one’s life experience ,fun is important for stress management .Look at these pictures and laugh: There a


20 Celebrities Kissing Dogs

Western celebrities are amazing .many of them have been photographed kissing dogs in public squares.Here is a list of 20 celebrities kissing their pups. 1.Neil


Cat caught smuggling mobile phones in Russian

A cat has been caught trying to carry mobile phones into a Russian prison. The black and white feline had two mobiles, complete with batteries


Mt Everest Glaciers Shrink 14% In 50 Yrs: Study

Researchers have found that glaciers on Mt. Everest in the Himalayas, the world’s highest peak, have shrunk by about 14 percent in the past 50


Justin Bieber to become an ASTRONAUT

The pop superstar is the latest celebrity to join Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space mission along with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher. Bieber along with


Chimpanzees remember faster than we do

  Researchers in Japan trained chimps to complete a memory game. They showed them numbers randomly displayed on the screen. Once the chimp finds and


It’s all about talents

Last night, May 29th at INEMA ARTS Center artists conducted a monthly event called spoken words where different artists in different domain meet and expose


Black iPhone 6 concept

Created by Arthur Reis, a budding designer who aspires to join the ranks of Jony Ive and Shin Nishibori someday, 3D renderings of the iPhone


Justin Bieber hit with another paternity claim

Justin Bieber  has been hit with another paternity claim.A 25-year-old woman alleges the 19-year-old singer – who was hit with a false paternity claim in


A ‘Women’s Viagra’ May Finally Be Available By 2016

A ‘women’s viagra’ that is hoped to boost flagging libido may soon be available.The new pill, called Lybrido, uses a combination of testosterone and a