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Massive ice sheets melting at rate of 300bn tonnes a year

A rapid acceleration in the melting of Antarctic and Greenland glacier ice, amounting to around 300 billion tones a year, has been detected by a


Snake bites man’s penis while he’s sitting on toilet

A snake reared up and bit a man’s penis while he was sitting on a toilet, paramedics in Israel have said. Fortunately, it was non-venomous


The More Things Change

KIGALI, Rwanda—The state of any community is ephemeral: never perfectly recorded, always changing. I am repeatedly struck, though, by just how much this is true


The Gambia, Wrestling

West African wrestling remains a true contest of courage and strength. Outlandish costumes, good guys, over-the-top villains, raucous fans, Coke and peanut vendors, an excitable


Archeologists Say Humans Left Africa For Asia Only 60,000 Years Ago, Rejecting Previous Theory

Modern humans did not leave Africa prior to the massive eruption of Sumatra´s volcano Mount Toba 74,000 years ago, according to a new study appearing


A science class from above Earth

Gravity-free lesson helps young students float fresh ideas Astronaut Wang Yaping wowed millions of students on Thursday when she held China’s first science lesson from


In Ancient Africa,The Woman was Not Only for Her Husband but A Family Woman

The marriage is considered as a free agreement between two sides. In many beliefs and culture a marriage is an agreement between Man and Woman.


Einsteinian theory known as relativistic beaming bears new fruit.

Albert Einstein didn’t care much about planets, and you can hardly blame him. After all, when you’re busy transforming physics with such revolutionary discoveries as


The World’s oldest cat dead!

Draquepitt is no more. The oldest cat in the world died last Week-end at the age of 27. It is in 2011 that Draquepitt, so


Amazing:Poutine suspected to have stolen a golden ring.

  If one believes the secrets of Robert Kraft, the Russian president has stolen his a ring worth $ 25,000. George Bush would have lobbied