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Last night, May 29th at INEMA ARTS Center artists conducted a monthly event called spoken words where different artists in different domain meet and expose their talents including poems, different speeches, publish and explain books written by some of these artists.

The cover page of the book ‘The Earth Nation Unified’

Green Light Magazine meet one of these talented people who had something to share with others, her name is Portia Commenetia Allen, the author and writer of a book entitled EARTH NATION UNIFIED. This is fiction not reality, She added.

GLM: Portia, Why this book?

Portia: I have been told by my family and friends that i am a good writer and many of them says you should write a book but i didn’t want too because i thought writing a book is hard and the truth is writing a book is very difficult, So as i grew up and people continue to ask me, write a book, write a book… and there was things that i would like to write about which was very close to my heart. That’s why i wrote this book and tell to the people things that are close to my heart.

GLM: What tells the book?

Ok, The book title is Earth Nation Unified and is the first of four books and it’s about loves, loss and destinies… and its about 30 pages.

William the editor with Portia Ellen ,the writer


William (Editor) and Portia

GLM: Is it expensive to produce such a book?

Portia: No, because what i did is i didn’t produce a book that i couldn’t afford, Every copy brings back the money, I produced this book about 2500 rwf and i am selling it at 5000 rwf.

And apart this center, where else people can find your book for buy it.

This book launch is the local book launch, on my second book launch, people will be able to find them online and in book stores in the country that i am, so that would be a national and after that one it will be internationally, tonight its local, So you can find the book trough me.


“This book is all about talents”Portia lectures during the book launch event

Source: The Green light magazine