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Police shot dead the main suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation of an attempted murder through poisoning in Gicumbi district.

ACP Damas Gatare
ACP Damas Gatare

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police Damas Gatare, who regretted the incident, said Eric Hashakimana, 26 years was shot and killed as he tried to escape on the way to the scene of investigation.

ACP Gatare said the suspect approached Police officers on Sunday morning pleading guilty in the poisonous cases and asked to lead them to where he got it.

“Hashakimana, on June 15 at about 10am, while leading the investigation team to show them where he got the poison in Rukomo business centre, Nyamiyaga cell of Kageyo sector, jumped off the vehicle trying to escape and was shot and killed on spot,” ACP Gatare said.

He called upon suspects to always accept to face justice because they are assured of fair trial, instead of risking their lives.