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The Spokesperson of the Rwandan National Police in the South Province, CSP Hubert Gashagaza has lauded the efforts provided by Ruhango district dwellers as to hinder crimes from happening and report about them whenever committed .

CSP Gashagaza Hubert
CSP Gashagaza Hubert

CSP Gashagaza said that during a general assembly that brought together local opinion leaders, Police and the District officials, a meeting that took place in  Bweramana sector, Ruhango District.

CSP Gashagaza Hubert told the attendants that the security situation in the province is fair, adding that it needs to be monitored and improved as well .

For the Rwanda National Police, providing the residents with security they deserve  is not a gift to them. The population plays a big role in the security keeping activities”, CSP Hubert Gashagaza said.

Some of the crimes that are still being recorded in Ruhango district  include domestic violence related crimes, raping minors, selling and consuming illicit drugs and genocide ideology propaganda which was observed in the Rwinyana cell, among others.

The Bweramana sector ranks number one in the committing  crimes in the last three months with 17 per cent.

The Rwanda National Police urged Rwandans in general to keep withstanding against the criminals as to reduce the rate of the crimes that destabilize the well-being of Rwandans in general.

The Mayor of the Ruhango district, Mbabazi Francois Xavier revealed to the locals that key infrastructures such as street lighting facilities, water sanitation and a modern market… will be made available in the near future.

One of the opinion leaders Niyonsaba Eugene urged the Police to deal with the case of the local guy nicknamed Mushinwa locally reputed for his security disturbances. The security officials promised the locals that the case of Mushinwa will be dealt seriously.