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This Friday, around 1: 30’ PM nearby the Okapi hotel a fire burnt a hardware store located nearby the Hotel Okapi. The fire is said to have been caused by the electric circuits from the nearby metal workers.

The fire burns the hardware store
The fire burns the hardware store

The fire burnt all the inside tools and metals. The UM– USEKE reporter who arrived at the scene said that none of the staff was died or was injured by the fire.

Eye witnesses affirm that the fire arose from the area where metal workers were performing the jobs and it spread towards many plastic tools stored in the building, causing an electric burn-up.

The Police anti fire brigade intervened to extinguish the fire but the fire kept burning as the article was being written.

However, the real cause is still unidentified as different witnesses provide diverse reasons.

The hardware store that burnt was worthy 400, million Rwf, according to the hardware store’s owner Ms Uwera.

People try to extinguish the fire
People try to extinguish the fire
RNP anti fire brigade intervention
RNP’ anti-fire brigade intervenes