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A Kenyan man who has been living in one of the apartments in Kinyinya Sector, Gacuriro Cell, is alleged to steal $17,000 Cash and properties estimated to cost over $7000 from Pakistani neighbor.

The accused known as Peter Kamau Njoroge, is said to have escaped since Saturday last week. Mining investor Pakistani Saqlain Raza says his door was opposite to Kamau’s at TRI-SIB Apartments.

He says he went to town (Nyarugenge) together with his family (wife and child) on this Saturday and left Kamau in the apartment. However, they only came back to find that their door had been broken and Kamau was nowhere to be found.

Raza proves that he was stolen $17,000 cash, two passports of both child and wife and other properties costing over $7,000. Among them include gold watch, earrings and neckless of which he had presented to her wife as gifts.

Raza has been living in the apartment for 2 months while it was the third day for Njoroge who rent the room on 28th February and could leave on this Monday, March 4, 2019. The police hunt him but was unable to find this man who left unprecedentedly.

It’s said Kamau fulfilled his plan after the leave of the guard whom he asked to buy him electricity. The latter came back and didn’t find the former.

It’s also said the apartments don’t have security cameras and its guards are not from any known security company.

Umuseke endeavored to talk to the owner of the apartments but was unable to be reached.

The spokesperson of Kigali Metropolitan Police, CIP Marie Goretti Umutesi advices the people to thoroughly be aware of their renters and neighbors in a bid to avoid the risks of theft.

As yet, Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has started the investigation.