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Few days ago, the South Sudanese young people gathered to write messages for peace instead of upholding guns. With more than 70 percent of the nation’s population composed of young people, South Sudan is a country where the youth’s union is needed more than anywhere else for the nation’s development and peace. 

The meeting for the development and peace of South Sudan titled “The 1st IPYG Peace Letter Campaign Opening Ceremony” was carried out on 27th of February at Whitaker Peace and Development Center in Juba.

This event is the first meeting in South Sudan to gather the voice of eagerness for peace by the youth, was hosted by the International Peace Youth Group.

‘The 1st IPYG Peace Letter Campaign Opening Ceremony’ is the movement of the youth to write the letter for the cessation of war and peace to the heads of states by urging them to support the DPCW. 

About 150,000 letters have been collected through this campaign so far, and some of them have been delivered to 9 former and incumbent presidents from 8 countries already.

The host of this event announced that when 10,000 letters are collected, they will be delivered to the president of South Sudan.

“As the people of South Sudan work towards a peaceful South Sudan, as recently the president signed for a peace agreement. I would like to see for the coming generation, delivering the Peace Letter to the president to let him know that we the youth of South Sudan are fully in support of the agreement and will do our best to support and we would like to as well let him hear our various voice in all corners of the Country,” Mr. Emmanuel Lobijo Josto Eka, the founder of Junub Open Space said sdlocked0 Lis