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The Esperance FC is allegedly accused of owing 2 million Rwandan francs to a restaurant which provided food to the Esperance players during the past championship.

The Esperance football team
The Esperance football team

The lawyer of the Esperance FC affirmed to UM– USEKE that the team owes that amount to the restaurant  but added that this resulted from the fact that FERWAFA delayed to provide the team with the money it had to pay.

According to him, the FERWAFA had to pay to Esperance an amount of 200, 000 Rwf to feed  and to bring the players  to the playground.

Lawyer Bimenyimana said that the Esperance FC is ready to defend itself in the court, highlighting that fact that FERWAFA delayed to pay the fees has been the root cause of the problem with the Zagga Nut restaurant.

To the other side, the CEO of the Esperance denied the loan but agreed that the team took meal from the restaurant Zagga Nut.
He condemned the fact that Lawyer  affirmed that the team has a loan towards the restaurant. We don’t have a loan towards the restaurant, Donatien vehemently protests.

He however affirms that the FERWAFA did not pay the money it might have paid to them during the championship.
The fact that the FERWAFA delayed to pay the money does not include the loan people say we owe to the Zagga Nut, he adds.
The spokesperson of the FERWAFA Kayiranga Vedaste told UM– USEKE.RW that the football federation agreed that the federation did not pay the rest of the amount of money, an amount that is equivalent to 1,300,000 Rwf.
This is a big dilemma that concerns both the Esperance FC and the restaurant and the FERWAFA .