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The assistant Coach of the Amavubi national football team told the UM– USEKE journalist that that he will resign coaching the Amavubi if this team does not let him sign the contract. The coach has been very fruitful in the past season both in the AS Kigali and in the Amavubi stars.

Cassa  Mbungo chatting with journalists
Cassa Mbungo chatting with journalists

He recently helped the Amavubi stars to win over the Libyan football team, a victory that qualified the Amavubi for the on African championship to take place next year in Morocco.

The coach said that he will depart from the National team the later does not let him sign the contract.

He said that he will return to the AS Kigali team that he has been coaching in the past season.

The Kigali city sponsored football team AS Kigali will play with the Rayon sports in the coming week.

Its victory over the Rayon sports will enable it to play with the APR FC. Cassa Mbungo has been appointed by the FERWAFA as a coach of the national team in the recent past four weeks.

Leaked news say that the assistant coach Cassa Mbungo will be replaced by the Vincent Mashami who knows English better than Cassa who endures difficulties related to the verbal communication with the Briton coach Stephen Constantine of the Amavubi national team.

This news is not yet confirmed by a legal authority either from FERWAFA or from the Ministry of sports and culture.