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Today Tuesday, May 15, the court proceedings of the charges of Lt Mutabazi and co-accused continue in the Military court located at Kanombe. One of the co-accused named Kalisa chased one of his lawyers from the court.

Kalisa with one his lawyers
Kalisa with one his lawyers

The body of judges started by showing to the accused video recording highlighting involvement  of Kalisa Innocent who was a military in the RDF. The video was provided by persecution to highlight the guiltiness of  Kalisa.

In the video, Kalisa uttered message against the government and his role in linking both FDLR and RNC.

Three months after deserting the army, grenades were thrown in the Kigali city at the Rubangura square among other  parts of the Kigali city.

After the incident, Kalisa Innocent was arrested among the suspects.

In the video, he said that he has been arrested and jailed in unknown area but he fled away and went in Uganda.

In Uganda he entered a political party called the Rwanda Democratic Change of Capt Kalege. From Uganda he went in DRC to exchange collaboration papers with Col Soki from the FDLR.  In Uganda, Kalisa was in touch with a journalist Ingabire Charles who was shot to death.

During the burial, Kalisa talked to international media including NTV, The Times, among others.

According to the video content, Kalisa talked about his partnership with the Rwanda National Congress, an opposition political party operating in South Africa.

In the video, Kalisa ended by demanding apologies to both Rwandans and to the Head of State in particular.

After showing to him all of the video content, he said the images are not his own images. He was asked whether he had nothing to add on, but he immediately turned and told one of his lawyers to go out and no longer participate into the courts appearing.

Lawyer Christopher went out. He told UM– USEKE that he accepts and respects the decision taken by his client to remove him from defending him  in the court.

The court proceedings continue during this afternoon.