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The Rwandan Football federation FERWAFA has provisionally appointed two coaches namely Cassa Mbungo and Mashami Vincent as the coaches to select the players who will face the Libyan team in the coming days.

Cassa  Mbungo, and Mashami Vincent
Cassa Mbungo, and Mashami Vincent

The spokesperson of the FERWAFA, Kayiranga Vedaste told UM– USEKE that the choice of those coaches   was due to their performances in the past championship.

We saw that Cassa Mbungo is a disciplined coach who can lead the national team and will be assisted by Mashami Vincent, he said.

Vedaste said that both coaches will start the job in the forthcoming match with the Botswana.

He continued saying that Botswana wrote the letter to ask for a friendly game with the Rwandan team..