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Rumors have been spread about the fact that Muhanga officials and wealthy people who take teenagers to Muhanga stadium and have sex with them. Local people affirm the truth about the situation on ground.

This stadium is used for other purpose than football
This stadium is used for other purpose than playing  football

The suspect people instead of taking the young girls to lodges, they take them to the stadium due to the fact that security officers are aware of that.

Local dwellers have affirmed to UM– USEKE reporter that the rumors have come true  and the situation  has been reached a tremendous level.

The local business people’s cars are known and their names have been communicated to UM– USEKE reporter in Muhanga.

Many of the teenagers are secondary and university students from local schools. News from the area have come to UM– USEKE according which some of the suspects have been caught into action.

However, the spokesperson of the Muhanga district Claude Sebashi said that the situation was not known, promising that needed decisions will be taken as to neutralize these evildoers.