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Last week the Board of the World Bank decided to allocate $ 8, 97 million to Rwandan government in order to back its efforts to demobilize and reintegrate soldiers who successfully completed their tasks in the army.

Mr Sayinzoga Jean
Mr Sayinzoga Jean

The CEO of the Rwandan national commission for the demobilization and reintegration Jean Sayinzoga, affirms that the loan will be delivered into two sections, the first one being a aid while the second will be a long-term loan.

The loan will have a turnover interest of 0, 5 per cent.

Sayinzoga added that the whole package is meant to help the Rwandan fighters in the DRC to return back home and to back the efforts provided by the Rwandan government to effectively demobilize and reintegrate its soldiers in day-to-day life.

The mostly concerned people are the economically weak and the physically disabled ones to receive the money and reintegrate.

The communiqué adds that after the delivery and use of the package, Rwandan government will receive another package worth $ 2 million to be paid later and another