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Miss Rwanda 2014, Colombe Akiwacu has called upon the youth and other people seeking a driving licence or other traffic documents to always go through legal procedures and fight such illegal processes.

Rwandan beauty queen Colombe responding to the written examination
Rwandan beauty queen Colombe responding to the written examination

Akiwacu made the call shortly after doing her provisional driving licence tests at Amahoro stadium on Monday.

She is among the over 2, 000 people who sat for the public provisional driving tests in Kigali.

“The Rwanda National Police eased the process of acquiring a licence and there is no need to take shortcuts, which in the end will land you in problems,” Akiwacu said.

Currently, the public driving licence tests are conducted quarterly which in driving schools is conducted monthly.

The registration to sit for both provisional and definitive driving licence is done online by sending an SMS, processing a licence doesn’t exceed two week contrary to about two months previously and inspecting the status of a vehicle at the inspection centre takes no more than five minutes.

“Police has made the exercise easer. For one who is well prepared, the exam is easy. There is no need to cheat or hire someone to sit for you,” she noted.

“I revised and I was well prepared for the tests. I am optimistic I will pass. But again if I fail, I will register and sit next time,” she explained.

She advised the youth to avoid such malpractices and to report those who tarnish the image of the force and the country in general through such corrupt tendencies.

Another candidate, Isaac Uzabakiriho also echoed the same message calling for concerted efforts to fight those who try to acquire traffic documents through illegal means.

About six people were arrested in Nyagatare and Bugesera districts recently in connection with forgery of driving licence and coning vehicle owners with promises of getting them mechanical inspection certificate.
Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi said the tests in Kigali went smoothly with no case of malpractice.

He also appealed to members of the public to be vigilant and not to bend over cheap lies from conmen promising to give them traffic services.