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The trial of  Lt Joel  Mutabazi  and co-accused has resumed today. The Persecution brought in court technologically based testimonies including WhatsApp and Skype with which the suspects have  used to prepare and execute the grenade attacks in Kigali.

Lt Mutabazi Joel in military uniform
Lt Mutabazi Joel in military uniform

Joel Mutabazi denied the charges but one of his co-accused Ngabonziza JMV a.k.a Rukundo prided guilty even if he provided some addition details.

The court asked the persecution to provide additional technologically based proofs against the accused, with which Lt Mutabazi has used to communicate with Nshimiyimana Joseph known as Camarade.

The persecution said tha these testimonies highlight the coordination and cooperation to prepare ans execute the grenade attackes in Kigali city and elsewhere in the country as Nshimiyimana has accepted in the court during the previous court appearances.

The message between Lt Mutabazi and Nshimiyimana was found on the mobile phone number  00256777825126 that belonged to Nshimyimana and the message was destined to for ‘Afande Joel’, who is Lt Joel Mutabazi , according to the persecution.

Nshimiyimana Joseph  denied all the accusations, saying that he never signed such papers and that the phone number was not his own.

He even denied to have hold a mobile phone. To this, the judge wondered how he carries out business without a mobile phone.

Joel Mutabazi denied every thing, especially the killing of innocent Rwandans.

I fought for the nation since I was 15. How can I be the one to kill Rwandans. I never did it and will not do that at all, he told the court.

Rukundo accepted to be the follower of the RNC Political party. This party is considered by the Rwandan government as a terrorist group.

Rukundo said that he was in charge of recruitment. The persecution said that Rukundo accepted to have collaborated with the FDLR  but the later denied this and said that he instead knew some of its adherents.