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Miss Rwanda Colombe Akiwacu told UM– USEKE.RW that she will  be joyful if the Rayon Sports would win the ongoing Championship this season. Her utterances come in after the Ex Rwandan Beauty queen Aurore told that she wishes APR would win the cup.

(Left) Akiwacu ColomberRight( Aurore Umutesi) ex-Miss in 2013
(Left) Akiwacu Colombe is the fan of the Rayon Sports ( Right ), Aurore Umutesi  ex-Miss in 2013

Colombe Akiwacu, Miss Rwanda 2014 says that she  doesn’t know much about football as he affirms she only knows three football teams in Rwanda namely, APR FC, Mukura and Rayon Sports.

She told UM– USEKE that she will celebrate of the Rayon Sports could win this championship.

But the chances for the team to win are minimal as its rival APR has more chances to win if it manages to win the forthcoming two  matches.

Rayon remains with two more matches with the Esperance this Saturday and to play with the Musanze FC

For the fans of the Rayon Sports to celebrate, the Rayon Sport must win and the APR to either equalize or loose during the remaining matches.

Nsengiyumva Albert the Manager of the Espoir FC expressed his hope that his team will win over the APR FC this Saturday.

Miss Aurore told UM– USEKE that the she is hopeful that the APR will win the game.

The APR FC arrived in Rusizi for the tomorrow match with the Espoir in the Western Province.

Miss 2014 was playing with children recently
Miss 2014 was playing with children recently