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Bothar, an Irish-based non-profit organisation, is set to open up a milk processing plant in Rwanda that will serve Burundi and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. According to Aideen O’Leary Ingabire, the project co-ordinator, the plant will be producing fermented milk, as well as pasteurised milk and yoghurt. 

Milk is one of the best drinks for people of all ages
Milk is one of the best drinks for people of all ages

The project that is expected to start operations in July will be based in Rusizi District in the Western Province.

“We are already working with the farmers in the province from whom we will buy milk to ensure sustainable supply and profitability of the project from the beginning,” she said

Ingabire said the plant that will have the capacity to produce 10,000 litres per day, will also produce cream and cheese.

Bothar has been working in Rwanda since 2007 donating high-yielding in-calf cows under the Girinka programme.

The new project will cost over Rwf480m, of which Bothar needs to raise Rwf92m more to buy and install the necessary equipment.

“The main beneficiaries will be a co-operative society of farmers in Rusizi District. However, the whole community will benefit as it will be a catalyst for economic growth, locally and will encourage entrepreneurs,” she noted

Under the agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, the organisation will hold a 30 per cent share based on its investment in the project for two years then the shareholding will be bought by local farmers and other investors.

Bothar is a charity in Ireland that enables families and communities worldwide to overcome hunger and poverty.

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