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DRC’s Minister of interior Richard Muyej told media that the current most dangerous threat facing DRC is the FDLR militias.

Minister Muyej
Minister Muyej

Many of the senior members of the The FDLR are composed of the 1994 genocide perpetrators.

It is accused of throwing grenades in different corners of the Kigali city, killing and injuring many people.

The DRC’s government accuses the FDLR militias of raping women, withholding people’s activities and killing innocent unarmed citizens in the Southern Kivu Province in the DRC.

The UN Special Forces have been mandated to disarm the FDLR but their efforts have been unfruitful in many past years.

The DRC minister of interior said that during a press conference attended by the UN Secretary General envoy in the Great Lakes region Rose Mary Robinson and the MONUSCO’ Chief Martin Kobler.

Among the topics discussed is the insecurity prevailing in the Western DRC, an insecurity from which the raping and human rights violations result.

The FDLR militias are operating in DRC for 15 years ago and have colonized some of the wide areas of the DRC especially in the North East of the part which neighbors Rwandan borders from which they conduct their operations.