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Security officers alongside the border of Rwanda and DRC in Rubavu Sector, Byahi Cell and Rurembo Village, have shot dead three unidentified people said to have tried to intrude in Rwanda.

The fire of bullets was heard last night and the residents told Umuseke that at least three were found dead. As yet, Rwandan officials or security forces haven’t confirmed the information.

As the journalist turned up, he was told that the dead are usually called ‘abacoracora’ (they smuggle commodities passing through illegal borders) and were shot carrying stuff trying to enter in Rwanda through illegal ways.

After the incident, it’s said that their colleagues tried to revenge themselves upon Rwandan security forces. At 9pm, they attacked security guards known as ‘Inkeragutabara’. The grassroots leaders in the cell say those ‘abacoracora’ were caught and imprisoned.

Gilbert Habyarimana, the Mayor of Rubavu District confirmed to Umuseke about the incident.

After the incident, the leaders and security officers called upon the meeting in which they sensitized the residents to avoid such illegal businesses and be on the frontline providing information about those who may be doing it.

Enemy and ‘umucoracora’ are not different

Col Muhizi Pascal, RDF commander in Rubavu District, asked the residents to avoid such illegal acts like revenging.

“There are some behaviors you learn through radios and just want to apply them here. This is not possible for our country still have wounds,” He said.

Col Muhizi went on saying that those who attacked the security guards will be exemplarily punished.

“Those who think they are imprisoned but set free after sometime even after attacking the security guards. We show you how laws are enforced. There is no difference between an enemy and smuggler (umucoracura),” he added.

Last year in December, FDRL rebels tried to intrude in Rwanda through the border located in Busasamana Sector, Rusura cell, Cyamabuye Village. They exchanged fire with Rwandan forces and some died.

In december last year, some FDRL rebels were shot dead after exchanging fire with RDF soldiers