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The 2019 annual National Leadership retreat now in its 16th edition will be held at the RDF Combat Training Centre in Gabiro (Gatsibo District) from this Saturday 8 to 12 March 2019.

President Kagame will chair this year’s national leadership retreat

The retreat, as usual, will bring together Rwanda’s senior leaders from Central Government, Local Government, parastatals and the private sector.

It’s revealed education and health quality are among the themes to be discussed. The attendees will also reflect upon Rwanda’s development trajectory and also shed more light upon how the country can increase its agricultural productivity for growth as well as the way forward towards the exports growth and investments.

President Paul Kagame will chair the Retreat and deliver opening and closing remarks.

The four days Retreat will also feature a presentation from Prime Minister Édouard Ngirente on the implementation status of 2018 Leadership Retreat recommendations.

The National Leadership Retreat commonly known as Umwiherero, meaning retreat, refers to a tradition in Rwandan culture whereby leaders would convene to reflect on issues affecting their communities.

The objective of these meetings was to identify solutions and commit to achieving them. Today, Umwiherero has become a unique governance tool that allows Rwanda’s leaders to hold themselves accountable.

It provides with them an opportunity to reflect on the country’s progress and identify strategies to accelerate delivery of national priorities while solving ongoing challenges.