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Dr Charles Murego who was an experimented  RDF medical operations’ chief has passed away in car accident that happened in Nyamagabe, South Province last evening.

Dr Murego Charles
Dr Murego Charles

Even if the RDF  officials did not announce his death officially, UM– USEKE has information according which Dr Murego Charles passed away after he was coming from the RDF Army Week activities, a week  during which the Rwandan military carries up medical or humanitarian activities aimed at helping Rwandans healing from  different diseases or/and  become economically fitting.

Relatives and friends affirm that the Dr Murego was a devoted medical professional who cared much about his patients.

The deadly accident happened at the road coming from Kaduha Hospital heading to Musanze-Gasaka.

The Traffic Police spokesperson, Supt Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi confirmed the news of the death of Dr Charles Ndushabandi who was in a Toyota Hilux car that crossed the road and clashed with a neighboring tree killing the surgeon, Dr Murego  Charles.

Dr Murego was brought to Rwanda Military Hospital located at Kanombe where he succumbed to death.

The driver who drove the car was seriously injured buy the car accident .

.Dr Charles Murego has been one of the body members of the former Kigali Health Institute.  He studied  medicine at Makerere University.He specialized in nerve surgery and Orthopedic surgery in the Pavia University, Italy.

He continued hid studies in nerve surgery at the Universite de Montpellier in France.

He has been part of different Anti-HIV-AIDS programs established by the ministry of defense set to help the patients acquire needed medical services.

He was an specialist in nerve  and Orthopedic surgery
He was an specialist in nerve and Orthopedic surgery

He was the private medical adviser of the Minister of Defense.

The Army Week is a annual program whereby the Ministry of defense, in its different departments, conducted special activities aimed at helping Rwandans live comfortably.