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The Tumba College of Technology represented Rwandan in the robot making and artificial intelligence contest in Kenya, a contest that brought together Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. The Rwandan university performed well

The Robot made up by TCT

The competition took place at Kenyatta International Convention Center.

Emmanuel Mugwaneza who is one of the competitors representing Rwanda told UM– USEKE  that the Rwandan team performed very well.

Mugwaneza  said that the team was urged to invent a robot able to provide grasses to both calves  and oxes.

The robot was programmed to fulfill both tasks but in a separate way, knowing which kind of grasses to feed oxes and which ones to feed calves, Mugwaneza said.

Arrived in Kenya, the Rwandan team found that other universities had robots that they bought from Japan and China, something contrary to rules and regulations of the contest.

Rwandan university has invented its own machine able to fulfill both tasks. However, Emmanuel Mugwaneza said that the judging team eliminated the Rwandan team in the quarter finals  due to the fact that robots from other universities were stronger and more performing than the Rwandan one as they were bought from China or Japan.

The decision of the judges discomforted the Rwandan team and but it chose to remain active and recognize the judge’s decision.

He said that even though Rwanda did not qualified as the first winner, the Rwanda team was handled with a trophy while other teams were given computers and other high tech tools.

Mugwaneza graduated from the college. He invented a university TV that was of a great importance to TCT family.

The geek has recently developed mobile telephone app enabling users to remain in touch with home affairs while users are at their workplaces.

Tumba College Technology is ranked among the best university colleges of technology and is supported by both the government of Rwanda and the Japanese cooperation.

The contest aimed at making a multipurpose robot
The contest aimed at making a multipurpose robot
The smaller robot is the one from Rwanda
The smaller robot is the one from Rwanda
Mugwaneza receives the trophy
Mugwaneza receives the trophy