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Rukundo Frank is an renown artist  who lives in Canada. The nicknamed Frank Joe will be in Rwanda in the coming days to participate into  the Big Brother Africa auditions.

Frank Joe the  Rwandan living in Canada
Frank Joe the Rwandan living in Canada

This comes in as many Rwandans have selected him as a good candidate to represent Rwanda in the coming Big Brother Africa.  He will be alongside fellow artists  Mc Tino, Nkusi Arthur and Anita Pendo.

Frank Joe told UM– USEKE that the he will be attending the auditions  scheduled to take place in the Lemigo Hotel on July, 9th 2014.

He affirmed  that he will attend the auditions at any cost.

MC Tino, Arthur and Anita will undergo the auditions as to test their argumentative skills and knowledge related to  the competition.

While it is the ninety time that the competition takes place, it is the first time that Rwanda is represented in the contest.

The winner will be handed with $300, 000 equivalent tot 200 million Rwandan francs. The current tenant of the trophy is a Namibian Pearl Mathews.