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Over 60 companies from Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and China will participate in this year’s Egypt and Middle East expo that opens today at Amahoro Stadium.

The 11-day trade fair codenamed ‘Shop Till You Drop’ seeks to strengthen business ties between Egypt, the Middle East and Rwanda, according to Ashraf Mahmoud , the head of delegation and the executive manager of Smart Egypt.

Natacha Haguma, the Rwandan event co-ordinator, said the expo presents local entrepreneurs a chance to create links with Middle East manufacturers. The exhibition, which ends on May 11, is organised in partnership with Paralympic Committee of Rwanda and Amahoro National Stadium.

Show goers have a wide range of products to choose from, including home furniture, handcrafts, textiles, electrical appliances, jewelry and food products. Last year, the expo attracted over 30 Egyptian and Middle East firms.

The New Times