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He was among the senior officers of the DRC’ s army before he left the army to integrate  a rebel group. He died yesterday on May, 19, 2014 for unidentified reason and he was living in Kigali city.

Col Jules Mutebutsi
Col Jules Mutebutsi

Col Mutebutsi and Gen Laurent Nkunda were jailed in Kigali as a decision taken by Rwanda after the ICGLR advises to arrest them in order to end a war that destabilized DRC and the region at large.

He entered in Rwanda in 2004 with his troops that were fighting with the DRC’s army and entered Rwanda via Bukavu in the South-Kivu province. He was commanding the 10th battalion.

The arrest of both Mutebutsi and Nkunda  has put an end to the war with the DRC’s army. Since then, both officers were jailed in Rwanda.

Col Mutebutsi died yesterday for the reasons to be identified by concerned individuals.

Meanwhile some of the relatives of the late Col Mutebutsi told UM– USEKE that he might have died due to a severe heart attack.