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Since its remarkable economy has significantly started booming up, China has been accused of injecting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, its leaders started shaping and applying effective anti- climate change policies that are currently showing up effective outcomes.

One of the current global issues to tackle is environmental protection. It formerly evolved from an abstract idea to an important part today’s people’s lives.

China, the world’s second largest economy, is playing an active leadership role and deeply integrating the issue in activities promoting South-South cooperation.

The issue of integrating environmental friendly measures in the South-South cooperation is shared by Zhang Jianyu, founder and chief representative of the Environmental Defense Fund’s China program.

He recently sat down for an interview with China Daily, to answer global media’s questions about China’s successful efforts to decrease harmful pollution during the ongoing two session’s legislative meeting in Beijing.

His views are also echoed by Arthur J. Hanson, international chief advisor at the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development.

He told China Daily that China understands the issues of climate change and knows that the biodiversity is another looming issue to understand most and care about.

“I think the low-carbon economy and the circular economy of China are really areas where there’s huge opportunities for jobs,” Hanson said. “Huge opportunities for cleaning up the environment in a cost-effective way, and really a new green economy that will emerge.” Hanson said.

China Council for International Cooperation is a high-level international advisory body composed of officials and experts from home and abroad who provide policy advice to the Chinese government.

Beijing has been one of the world’s most polluted cities in the world but the trend started changing