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This is a prediction made by one of the outstanding Chinese economist Zhu Min. Zhu said that China will reach that pace through the strengthening of the macro-economic policies combined with technology-driven innovation.

The influential Chinese economist Zhun Min

Economic observers say that while the whole world keeps searching for a therapy to calm the anxiety arising from economic slowdown, China, the most important global growth engine, provides its routes to maintain vitality.

The former deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund Zhu Min told the China Daily that the study done under his tutelage has shown that ‘China will continue to have more than 6.3 or 6.4 percent growth this year.’

He said that during a sideline interview with international media eager to learn reasons for China’s 2019 economic performance at the ongoing annual two sessions taking place in Beijing.

“Even if the pace of growth moderates from last year’s 6.6 percent, China is able to maintain the strongest economic engine and contribute more than 30 percent of the world’s GDP growth.” said Zhu, who is now the chair of the National Institute of Financial Research at Tsinghua University.

The economist says that first issue for Chine to handle as to maintain its growth is to strengthen innovation on various sectors that include customer end services, financial sector, and manufacturing, among others.

He, however, added that technology will be the driving force on the successful implementation of all these above mentioned sectors.