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Science & Tech

Internet infrastructure beneath major cities could become completely submerged by 2033 as sea levels rise

Rising sea levels could soon spell disaster for the thousands of miles of internet infrastructure that lays buried beneath major coastal cities. A worrying new

Science & Tech

Being rich and successful really IS in your DNA

Success could be in your DNA, according to a new study.  Scientists have found social mobility is partially written into our genes, which can make

Science & Tech

The 2026 mission to bring Martian soil samples to Earth

NASA and ESA are teaming up to bring a piece of Mars back to Earth – and have awarded the first contracts for the groundbreaking mission. 

Science & Tech

World’s largest mobile phone factory set to open in India

Samsung Electronics Co. opened the world’s largest mobile phone factory in India, in a win for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship program to lure investors to

Science & Tech

Humans are causing animals and plants to go extinct 1,000 times FASTER

When Sudan the white rhino was put down by his carers earlier this year, it confirmed the extinction of one of the savannah’s most iconic

Science & Tech

Russia is building $320 million icebreakers to carve new arctic routes

Until factories open on the moon or Mars, there’s no less hospitable an industrial workplace than Yamal LNG, a $27 billion liquid natural gas plant

Science & Tech

Bananas are on the brink of EXTINCTION

Bananas are facing potential extinction, researchers have cautioned, as a deadly tropical disease sweeps across crops worldwide. Known as Panama disease, or Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.

Science & Tech

Lions eat ‘rhino poachers’ on South African game reserve

At least two suspected rhino poachers have been mauled to death and eaten by lions on a South African game reserve, officials say. Rangers discovered

Science & Tech

Chinese firm mass produces driverless minibus

China’s internet giant Baidu has started mass producing the country’s first autonomous minibus as the company prepares to roll them out in tourist spots and

Science & Tech

Scientists create ‘test-tube rhino’ in hopes of saving dying species

Scientists have used in-vitro fertilization techniques to develop hybrid rhino embryos — “test-tube rhinos” — which could help save the endangered northern white rhinoceros species,