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The Minister of Youth and Information Communication and technology Jean Philibert Nsengiyumva urged the youth to uphold the values that characterize Rwandans. The press conference that took place at the siege of the Ministry aimed at explaining  to Rwandans the activities that will be conducted during the forth coming Youth Conneckt Month. 

Jean Philbert Nsengimana
Jean Philbert Nsengimana

‘Youth Conneckt Month” is a one month program that during which young people exchange knowledge about how they can develop them and move the nation forward.

The values that we want you  to embrace are the ones that characterize  Rwanda at the international scene. Rwandan government keeps equipping all Rwandans with all positive socio-economic assets that enable them to live comfortably, Minister Nsengiyumba said.

He urged the youth to collaborate during this month as to learn from each other and from the civic education that is made available by the government.

The Executive secretary of the National Youth Council Alphonse Nkuranga urged young people to actively participate into the activities scheduled during this month.

This press conference happens as the MYICT and NYC have planned a commemoration night to remember young Tutsi killed during the 1994 genocide, a commemorative week scheduled to start tonight at Kigali Memorial centre.

The Executive secretary of NYC
The Executive secretary of NYC Alphonse Nkuranga

The activities for the ‘Youth Conneckt Month’ will be launched on 2nd May at Gisagara and will end on 31st May, 2014.

Around 100 000 young people will attend the Month’s activities to learn from each other.

The Permanent Secretary in the MYICT , Rosemary Mbabazi
The Permanent Secretary in the MYICT , Rosemary Mbabazi