Knowless and Christopher publish a new song together – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Both artists have published a song together called Wowe( You). These artists are known to be crew members of the Kina Music family that normally helps different artists to record songs.

Christopher and Knowless
Christopher and Knowless

They told UM– USEKE.RW that this artistic creation comes in after both artists  realized how  necessary to feature their  talents and create an amazing song called ‘Wowe.’

Christopher has recently been enlisted as one of the competing artists for the Kora Awards that brings different African artists as to find out the most competitive.

The Diva Knowless told Umuseke few days ago that she is busy in editing her new album to be launched  in July, this year .

For the fans of Christopher who want to vote for him, they can go at the Kora Awards Organisation, click “Like” and enter the name “Christopher”.

The Kina Music Family comprises artists such as Tom Close, Dream Boys, among others.


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