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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said in a 1983 speech that Apple’s,

…strategy is really simple. What we want to do is we want to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes … And we really want to do it with a radio link in it so you don’t have to hook up to anything and you’re in communication with all of these larger databases and other computers.

Steve Jobs launching the iPad

The sayings of Steve Jobs reveal the purpose of I-pad, to help the user have a computer that can easily carried  in a pocket. In other words-Pad is a computer but not as any other computer.

Screen and input

iPad underside
The underside of an iPad

An i-Pad has a touchscreen that has resolution that is 1,024 by 768 pixels, 7.75×5.82 in (197×148 mm). Like the iPhone, the iPad is designed to be controlled by bare fingers. It has all possible orientations including upside-downs of the screen.

There are four physical switches on the iPad, including a home button near the display that returns the user to the main menu, and three plastic physical switches on the sides: wake/sleep and volume up/down, plus a software-controlled switch whose function has changed with software updates.


i Pad cameras allow Face-Time video messaging with iPhone 4.The iPad has internal speakers   reproducing both left and right channel audio located in the button right of the unit.The volume switch is on the right side of the unit.


The iPad uses internal rechargeable lithium -on -Polymer (LiPo) battery. The batteries are made in Taiwan by Simplo Technology (60%) and Dynapack International Technology. Apple claims that the battery for both generations of iPad can provide up to 10 hours of video, 140 hours of audio playback, or one month on standby. Like any rechargeable battery technology, the iPad’s battery loses capacity over time, but is not designed to be user-replaceable.

 Storage and SIM

the iPad was released with three options for storage:16,32, and  64 GB  of internal flash memory.All data is stored in an internal flash memory with no option to expand storage capacity.In addition to that,Apple sells a connection kit with a SD card reader,but it can only be used  transfer photos and videos.


iPad ,Smart Cover

A dock holds  the iPad upright at an angle ,and has a dock connector  and audio line out port.It is compatible with Bleutooth keyboard  that can also work with Macs or PC’s.An iPad can be charged with  a standalone power adapter(known as wall charger) also used for iPods and iPhones  and have a 10 W charger  that is included with the iPad.

The iPad only runs its own software downloaded from Apple’s  Apple Store and software written by developers who have paid for a developers license on registered  devices.Developers may also create or modify apps to take the advantage of the iPad’s features.

The iPad has multimedia apps that enable users to enjoy a tremendous number of entertainments both online or in-built ones.

This article highlights the fact that current developments in  Information Technology have come up with awesome  devices that provide a non stop flow of information and enjoyments  with high- tech accessories for the better of the user.

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre.