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Last Sunday, Rwanda hosted a Marathon Final Contest .The Peace Marathon is among the best planned championships that require a lot of investment and care on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Mr Johnson Rukundo in his Office

According to one online news website, one week before the Marathon Contest took place Rukundo held an interview where he expressed his concerns about the fact that journalists disturb him while lecturing at University (NUR) therefore that  ‘none  should disturb him calling and asking for clarifications’ the article informs.

“Seemingly, Rukundo ignores the fact that being the Speaker of the Federation embodies him to respond to journalists or to anyone wishing to get informed about serious matters with the Federation” The website underlines.  When Umuseke.reporter  asked Mr Rukundo about the issue he denied that saying”journalists sometimes call him while he is lecturing at NUR. So it is hard to respond to someone’s call in front of students”Mr Johnson added, last Wednesday, 22nd , May, 2013.

Reacting to the accusation that RAF denied journalists to cover the event, Mr. Rukundo confirmed this and said the budget could not allow RAF (Rwanda Athletism Federation) to invite all media willing to cover the contest. “We invited RTV and Radio-Rwanda because we could afford the invoice”

“Journalists did not want to delegate a representative team but wanted to attend all”, he revealed to Umuseke.Rw.”This could not work”, He affirmed.

Sunday morning,Kigali inhabitants were challenged when they saw main roads closed. The Contest should have been communicated to Rwandans through media so to let everyone attend the contest or plan for his/her businesses that very day .But unfortunately “the  budget  conditions did not  allow RAF to do so”, Rukundo communicated to Umuseke.Rw during the inter-phone discussion.

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre