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An Member of  French Parliament, Patricia Adam said that further investigation should be carried out as to find out the French involvement in the 1994 genocide. She also wants that a similar investigation should be conducted to find more about the role of USA, Belgium, UK, Uganda, among others.

Patricia Adam
Patricia Adam

Currently more historians urge the French government to publish all documents related to its involvement into the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The Parliamentarian Patricia Adam finds that the French has significantly contributed to revealing the truth about its role. She highlights that in 1998 French authorities have published 3500 leaked documents about the French role in the 1994 genocide and for her that is enough.

She said that it would be fair if other powerful nations such as UK and USA should provide similar documents to the UN as well as France to be studied and out the role of each nation highlighted in the case.

Asked why the French government can’t provide leaked documents to the Rwandan government while it did so for the Algerian government Patricia Adam said that the provision of such documents before 50 years could endanger the lives of people highlighted in the documents.

That is why we hide the documents for sometimes, she adds.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda during his speech delivered at the 20th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi affirmed that Rwanda can’t hide the truth about the role of the  French government during the 1994 genocide.

Recently a French delegation headed by Senator Alain Fauconnier to discuss with the Rwandan parliamentary commission in charge of international affairs as to find adequate ways of resolving the crisis.

Source: RFI