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The 24 years old Sherrie Silver is one of the renowned choreography dancers in the world. She recently has signed an advertisement deal with the Nike garment-making factory based in USA. The UK based dancer left Rwanda in 1999 and lives in UK since then with her family.

Sherrie becomes one of the stars advertising for the Nike

Sherrie Silver post in her instagram that she is currently working with Nike brand as an advertiser who, at the first stand, will be showcasing the new brand Air Force 1 Rebbel XX Nike shoe.

The remarkable shoe will be made public on 6th, December. 2018. The Nike’s official instagram page has also confirmed the news.

Sherrie Silver stared her dancing carrier while dancing in the ‘This is America’ song of the singer   Childish Gambino.

In 2010 she acted in in the Africa United movie that described the challenges three Rwandan young people have undergone while heading to South Africa to participate in the World cup.

The young Rwandan dancer was awarded the best dancer of the Year 2018, the award called 2018’s MTV WMA’s Winner for Choreography of the year.

She is now one of the stars who advertised for the Nike namely Christiano Ronaldo, among others.

Sherrie Silver will be advertising this shoe during her performances