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Not later than 2018 over 70 000 motorcyclists operating in Rwanda will be equipped with monitoring technologies that will allow passengers to pay the amount of money based on the distance traveled.

The tech will be installed on the motocycle
The tech will be installed on the motocycle

According to the the CEO of this project Karanvir Singh, it aims at helping both passengers and drivers to benefit from that transaction.

Umuseke interviewed the CEO of the ‘Yego Innovation Limited’ that is an Indian based Technology Company on the nature of this new endeavor.

Yego Innovision Limited is a 14 US Dollars project and its operations start being implemented in Rwanda first in the African continent.

Rwandan motorcyclists will, for free, be given the monitoring and counting devices not later than December this year all 15 000 motorcyclists of Kigali will have this technology.

The devices will be installed on the moto to help both drivers and passengers monitor the distance traveled and pay accordingly.

The devices have a Global Positioning System that allows users monitor the distance.

Motorbikes in its front parts will also be equipped with another device that show information of moto travel for security purpose. 

Devices will be given free of charge plus full head cover helmets
Devices will be given free of charge plus full head cover helmets

Umuseke: Describe this new technology 

Karanvir:  As soon as this ongoing Transform Africa Summit ends up, one week later we shall start implementing our project. From the beginning we will equip 250 motorbikes, after we shall equip other 750 more others. All 15 000 motorbikes operating in Kigali city will be equipped with this new technology.

After Kigali we proceed with other provinces of Rwanda especially in these big cities where motorbikes are operational but in rural areas where motorbikes are available will go there.

It is an amazing for us to help all motor riders to have their devices equipped with the new brand technology.

This will be possible as the government backs our endeavor. After Rwanda our project will reach the rest of Africa as well. 


Umuseke: Motorcyclists could feel uncomfortable with this tech devices claiming it will be expensive to them. Do you take their claims in account? 

Karanvir: We ensure them that all the devices are free of charges. We are lucky that their cooperatives found this useful for them.


Umuseke: If that is the case, how will you earn money from that project? 

Karanvir:  We will provide them with smart phones, sim-cards, GPS system and comfortable helmets.

From all the earned money of the motorcyclist, we will have a small percentage as to be more operational and allow our project to be sustainable.


Umuseke: Did set up the amount of that ‘small percentage’? 

Karanvir: We have not set up the amount yet. Talks are being held with the Rwandan government and with other stakeholders in the transport field.

I can however, assure you that the amount will be convenient with all actors involved. 


Umuseke: Based on your previsions, what did you envision to be the outcomes of this new technology? 

Karanvir: Passengers will be first ones to benefit from it. They will not longer in need of bargaining about the transport fee. This will help them be mentally comfortable.

The new technology help in monitoring the security of the motorbike as it contains all technological required tools to track all its movements and wellbeing.

Consequently road accidents related to some motorbikes will reduce in number.

Information delivered by the devices in these motorbikes will allow decision makers in different cities to take adequate policies related to the information delivered by these devices.


Umuseke: What is the full amount of money invested in this technological business?

Karanvir:  Our monetary investment nears 14 million US Dollars, approximately 11 760 000 000 Frw.

Karanvir explained the new trend in Africa to the top officials in Transform Africa Summit in Kigali in May
Karanvir explained the new trend in Africa to the top officials in Transform Africa Summit in Kigali in May

Karanvir Singh who is the CEO told that before being committed to invest in this project, they made field research on this and found that both passengers and drivers will benefit from it as paying will be based on technological facts.

He therefore hopes that both drivers and passengers will become familiar with this project progressively.

Currently there are more than 12 thousand motor cyclers




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