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The Afflatus Africa Founder  Ganza Kanamugire Bertin underscores his  organization’s commitment to equip students with job related skills. He said that this package has helped at least 25 former students get jobs after graduating. He said the Willing is Winning program has equipped at least 430 students from five sampled districts across Rwanda.

Knowledge is what youth needs to expand horizons


430 youths have been trained around the country on the benefits and impacts of volunteering, leadership, project management, how to write professional resume, how to use social media effectively and preparing job interview. At least 25 of them has been connected to different companies for job and internships.

The program ‘Willing Is Winning’ embodies all needed curriculum and tools for those who are still to schools.  It includes enhancing voluntarism for them that is likely to increase young people’s experience.

This experience will allow them to perfectly perform once at the job market.

“We have therefore prepared a brief curriculum which encompasses the values and moral concepts of volunteerism, interpersonal skills, use of technology, etc, to prepare those who are interested in volunteering”, Kanamugire said.

Not only the project intends to help the youth to acquire job related skills, it has a broader aim. Once young people got jobs they deserve, the outcome will allow them to live decently, thus, ‘avoiding unpleasant thoughts and emotions.’

The wide aspect of this is peace of mind.  This peace of mind increases young people’s involvement into income-generating activities that, at large, help them live better.

As we are trying to solve unemployment by providing internship opportunities and equip youth with skills that can help them get jobs, we are building peace in our community, Kanamugire told us.

The ‘Willing is Winning’ project is soon to be held in other districts and will include features such as ‘Carrier affairs’ and Skills Hub’. These districts are Rubavu, Musanze and Rwamagana.

The Carrier Affairs  will join together professionals in different carriers with newly hired workers as to exchange insights on how one can effectively carry his job.

The Skills Hub is defined as a working platform whereby newly hired workers will be ‘working practically’ with devoted professionals and learn from them in terms of practice.


Participants listening to the panelists



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  • Ngabo, November 6, 2018 @ 6:35 pm

    I like the idea of this project!! Youth and country in general with highly benefit from it!!

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