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The American People’s aid (USAID) with the cooperation of the  Trade Mark East Africa have launched a new strategy aiming providing quick trade services in the EAC. The program will significantly contribute to the Rwandan trade system as a land locked country.

The officials during the signing of the agreement of the use of
The officials during the signing of the agreement of the use of

The USAID manager Peter Malnak said that the program is meant to ease transport system and it will reduce the financial burden that Rwanda is used to endure.

The new strategy is worthy $ 5,7 million and the agreement about the release of the funds was signed yesterday, May, 22, 2014.

Peter Malnak affirms that the reduction of the time spent in the carrying of goods towards Rwanda from its neighbors will be of a great importance as time spent into carrying goods was much more costly.

Mark Priestly, the CEO of the Trade Mark East-Africa in Rwanda said that move to this strategy will increase the interest rate of 10 per cent of all of its annual exports to the EAC trade partners.

The USAID stipulates that this new trading strategy among EAC partners will have a significant impact on food supply for the EAC citizens as the speed and the cost of supply chain is reduced.

The new strategy called “Rwanda Electronic Single Window (RESW)” consists of putting all similar  services together  in order to help both consumers and providers become satisfied  by the system  in a relatively small time.