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The FERWAFA football federation told the media that the match between the Rwandan and Nigerian football teams will take place in Rubavu due to the lack of a hotel ready to host them. The match is scheduled to take place on May, 24 2014.

The Amavubi Female football  team
The Amavubi Female football team

The coach of the Rwandan female football team, Grace Nyinawumuntu told UM– USEKE that the FERWAFA has communicated to them that the match with the Nigerian team will take place in Rubavu.

She said that FERWAFA has taken such decision due to the fact that many hotels in Kigali are hosting the invited guests in the 49th Anuanl Summit of the AfDB that is taking place in Kigali.

The Summit is attended by over 3000 guests coming from across the world.

We received the message last night and we accepted it. We will face the Nigerian team at Rubavu, Grace said.

She said that her team members are in good mood to confront the Nigerian ladies at Rubavu this Saturday, 24, May, 2014.

The Nigerian football team has won eight African football cups but this is not a serious threat for the Rwandan football crew, Nyanawumuntu said.