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The Mayor of Kigali City Fidele Ndayisaba told the assembly that gathered at the Campus of the Independent  Institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali (INILAK) that the only key for a sustainable development of Rwanda is to have an educated nation.

Mayor Fidel Ndayisaba
Mayor Fidel Ndayisaba

He said yesterday during a graduation ceremony where 810 students finalized their studies in different academic fields.

Mayor Ndayisabasa told the students that the knowledge combined with a economic development oriented policies are  the milestones of our Rwanda’s future.

He lauded the efforts made by the university’s authorities to raise the education quality at that extent.

All challenges that are facing Rwanda will be handled by educated people who are able to assess the situations and come up with relevant solutions, Mayor Ndayisaba said.

Fidel Ndayisaba urged those freshly graduated students to become the leading members of the society, who apply the knowledge they acquired.

For him this will contribute much more to the rate of the economic growth of our nation, which is set to 11,5 per cent  and per year.

The Rector of the University Dr. NGAMIJE Jean reminded students that one of the valuable characters of an educated person is to uphold moral values and be a leading figure in all positive issues.

Graduated students  proud of themselves
Graduated students proud of themselves
Dr NGAMIJE Jean the Rector of the INILAK
Dr NGAMIJE Jean the Rector of the INILAK