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Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda (Bralirwa) has introduced a new beer brand, Mutzig Lite, on the local market. The beer is the first and only locally-brewed beer with a low alcoholic content. “Beer lovers will be rewarded with a lighter alternative to the classic Mutzig beer,” Julius Kayoboke, Bralirwa’s marketing director, said in a statement yesterday.

The new beer brand was launched during this year’s annual Mutzig Beer Fest on Saturday, August 27 at Rugende Training Centre. The new beer comes in 50cl (500ml) and 33cl (330ml) bottles, and has an alcohol level of 4.7 percent compared to 5.5 percent for the original Mutzig, the statement added.

“Mutzig Lite is a refreshing complement to our Mutzig Brand that retains what Mutzig stands for- Great taste,” said Kayoboke.

 According to Bralirwa, the Mutzig Lite packaging will maintain the known green bottle but the label design will emulate the refreshment aspect of Mutzig Lite and enhance consumer appeal. The new Mutzig Lite costs Rwf5,00, for 33cl, while the 50cl bottle is at Rwf7,00.

Mutzig was first produced in 1987 to diversify Bralirwa’s portfolio and is the now the second-popular beer brand in Bralirwa’s portfolio as a local premium beer “to satisfy consumers who had a passion for stronger, more refined and bitter beer”.

The New Times