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Masses gathered this Saturday in Huye as the Primus under the crown (UTC) promotion dubbed “Babongere” rolled into town to giveaway winnings to eager customers.

Bralirwa LTD launched an exciting UTC promotion for its PRIMUS fans on Monday 30th January 2017 that will run until 31st March 2017.

The Babongere promotion offers PRIMUS consumers a chance to win cool prizes on the purchase of a 50cl or 72cl PRIMUS bottle.

The prizes offered are a House, a Pickup truck, and thousands of other prizes including Primus beer, bikes, mattresses, T-shirts, caps, headphones etc.


Primus held its first giveaway event in Huye featuring performances from King James, Riderman and The Ben. Lucky consumers went home with tshirts, headphones, mattresses and bicycles.

The PRIMUS customers are spread all over the country and will have a chance to win as the promotion is nationwide.

PRIMUS will have 4 regional giveaways that set to be filled with a number of fun activities all in one place. These celebrations will be a one stop center for fun.

There are still more prizes to be won including the pickup truck and house.