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The Brazilian striker Neymar has signed Monday a five-year contract with FC Barcelona and should be flying to Spain next week to officially present the Catalan club.

Neymar, The newcomer in Barcelona

Neymar has signed a contract Monday in home country, Brazil, just before going to the attending the Brazilian national team for a friendly matches with England (June 2) and France (June 9) and participating into a Confederations Cup to take place in Brazil (15-30 June).

Here, I closed this marvelous passage in such a special club,” said the player on his Instagram account.

He will be performing as better as Messi” .The star of 21 years, who was also coveted by Real Madrid on Saturday, announced his transfer to Barcelona. The striker will fly to Spain next week, presumably after the Match with England to be officially presented by the Catalan club.

Barcelona Club

According to his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, Neymar will be one of the best paid players of Barça. “He will earn lesser than Messi, but it will be closer to what Kaka (Brazilian Real Madrid player), earns today. Neymar will be the third or fourth best paid strikers of Barcelona ever “, he said on TV Gazeta 7sur7

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