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The construction works for the New Rusumo International Bridge and One Stop Border Post (OSBP) facilities on Rwanda –Tanzania border are on good track, with the average work progress of 87.4 % ahead of the planned completion time, November 2014.

New Road linking the two OSBPs
New Road linking the two OSBPs

The project works consist of the construction of the new Rusumo International Bridge with 80m of length and 13.5m width, the OSBP facilities which include the administration building, verification storage, control shed for vehicle control purposes, guard house, and car park for large vehicles.

The project also covers the construction of the newtwo-kilometer road linking the two OSBP facilities (Rwanda and Tanzania).

The new two-lane bridge will replace the old one-lane bridge constructed forty years ago. Upon completion, the new bridge will have the capacity to support 180 tons from the current capacity of handling 53 tons with low safety factor. The new bridge will also increase the speed limit from the present allowable speed of five kilometers per hour to 30 km per hour.

Currently, the overall progress of the project on Rwanda side is at 87.4% complete, while the progress on both countries (Rwanda and Tanzania) is at 81.6% of completion.

According to the Minister of State in charge of Transport, Dr. Alexis Nzahabwaninama, the project implementation is progressing well, and the implementation will meet the planned completion date.

The construction of the new RusumoBridge will cope with expected increase of the traffic volume on this central corridor route, which is an important logistics regional route, connecting the region to the port of Dar Es Salaam.

The introduction of the One Stop Border Post will reduce time of crossing the border and make only one stop at the border post instead of the usually required two stops, one in each country.

The construction of the OSBP facilities will also lead to the elimination of the present traffic congestion, which will significantly improve the efficiency of cargo transportation with the end result of reducing the transportation costs, thus facilitating trade among other benefits.

The works are being executed by the Japanese Contractor, DAIHO Corporation,under the supervision of the consultant companies, consortium of CHODAI Co,.Ltd and NIPPON KOEI Co,.Ltd.

The government of Japan, through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) financed the project. The project cost is 11 billion Rwandan Francs (22 billion Rwandan francs for both the Republic of Rwanda and the United Republic of Tanzania).

Engineers at work
Engineers at work